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How do I apply to university?
So you've decided to go to university, but how do you actually get a place?

UCAS points explained
Perhaps you’ve heard people talking about UCAS tariff points, but do you actually know what they mean?

How do I write my personal statement?
Your personal statement is one of the most important parts of your UCAS application.

The ultimate guide to university interviews
Whilst most universities don’t interview candidates, some universities and courses do. Read on to find out how interviews work – and how to impress...

Top 10 strangest interview questions
Oxbridge interviews have a reputation for challenging students with surprising and occasionally very strange questions.

University offers explained
You’ve sent your UCAS application in, so what should you do now?

Entrance exams explained
Depending on where you apply and what you study, you might need to take an extra exam to secure your place at university.

A-level and IB results day explained
The wait will soon be over, and you’ll have your exam results from your school or college. If you’re applying to university, what happens then?

Did you get better grades than expected? Time to trade up
Did you do unexpectedly well at A-levels? Then you might want to consider shopping around for a course you prefer.

Didn't make the grade? What next?
If you don’t get the grades you expected, you can still get a university or college place.

Understanding clearing
If you didn’t make the grades for your first and insurance choice universities, clearing may be for you.

Clearing story
Learn about a real life experience of clearing.

Applying to Oxford or Cambridge
Competition for places at Oxford and Cambridge can be fierce. But don’t let that put you off!

Vocational routes to higher education
You don’t have to do A-levels to get in to university or college.

What you can do if you don't get the UCAS offers you want
Your UCAS applications might result in some surprises, from not getting any offers at all to some that are higher than expected. Find out how to deal with the unexpected.

Changing your mind after replying to your UCAS offers
If you have made a mistake replying to your UCAS offers, don't panic: you may be able to fix it.

What to do if you can't go to A-level results day
Find out what to do if you can't collect your results in person.

Your options if you didn't get into university
If you miss your offers and you don't get a place through Clearing, what can you do next?

Applying to university for two different subjects
Applying for university can get complicated if you're considering very different courses. Find out some ways to tackle the confusion.

Applying for a university course abroad
Find out how to apply if you want to study outside the UK.

Building experience for your personal statement
For a lot of people, the thought of having to write a personal statement doesn’t come until the end of year 12 – and for others it doesn’t come until 12 days before the deadline date.

Portfolio interviews for art degrees
Applying to study a creative subject may require presenting a portfolio of your work. Find out how this works and how to make it a success.

Understanding predicted grades
Find out why predicted grades matter, and what you can do if yours aren't what you hoped.