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Why is routine maintenance important?

Why is routine maintenance important?Routine maintenance can include anything from overhauling a car to checking the batteries in your smoke alarm. Find out why it is so important, and what happens when it doesn’t get done.

Case 1: Expoland Roller Coaster

A lapse in routine maintenance led to tragedy at a Japanese theme park in 2006. An axle broke on one of the park’s roller coasters, killing one passenger and injuring 19 others.

Why did it happen?

Official park policy was to dismantle the cars and check the parts thoroughly once every year. The parts which were weak or rusting could then be replaced.

Sadly, this routine procedure was repeatedly overlooked. The ride was not thoroughly checked for fifteen years, meaning that some of the smaller parts (such as the axles) had begun to deteriorate.

Case 2: British Airways Flight 5390

If maintenance is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. A mistake made by maintenance engineers spelled disaster for this plane in mid-flight.

Why did it happen?

The day before a flight to Malaga, engineers had replaced the windscreen on the cockpit. Unfortunately the screws they used were not the correct size. Because the screws were much narrower and shorter, they did not hold the windscreen securely.

During the next day’s flight, the windscreen blew straight off the plane. Luckily, the pilot was sucked towards the gap, and his body blocked the hole caused by the accident. His co-pilot took control and managed to guide the plane down to a safe landing in Southampton.

Routine maintenance in daily life

Most of the appliances around your home will have to be maintained to make sure that they are safe. Things such as your boiler, cooker, and oven will often be checked by maintenance engineers to make sure they are working as well. If you live in a rented house, the landlord is legally obliged to get them checked once a year.

If you or your parents drive a car, that will have to go for an MOT once a year. An MOT is routine maintenance for your car. Without it there’d be a lot more accidents!

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